International Day of Forests? Why are we still burning trees for energy? Join in on Twitter using #StopFakeRenewables

#StopFakeRenewables “Bonfire” Protest, Place du Luxembourg, Brussels

November 15, 2021, 12:30 pm

Policymakers, does this look like “zero emissions” energy to you? Stop burning our forests for fuel!

Click here to sign a petition to policymakers all over Europe: Stop burning forests for “renewable energy”

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EU Day of Action against burning forests for energy

July 1st, 2021

The EU must stop burning forest wood for “renewable energy”

Would you like help stop the burning of forests for renewable energy in the EU? On July 1st, join our photo campaign – take a picture or selfie with your favourite tree, then post it on social media using #StopFakeRenewables (details below)

Why? On July 14th, the EU will release proposed legislation determining whether the EU will continue to burn trees for “renewable energy.” EU decision makers need to hear from us that they should protect forests, not log them to be burned in coal plants. We need to send a strong message now – burning forests should not be part of the EU’s renewable energy policy.

How to participate: 

1. Download and print out this tree placard – available in English, French, and German

A normal A4 piece of paper would do it  – (preferably on recycled paper though!)

2. Pick a tree. 

It can be your favourite tree, it can be a tree in a forest, in a park, in front of an iconic building or elsewhere. You choose!

3. Attach the sign to your tree of choice with strings. 

Punch two holes in the sign and thread through string, twine or even shoelaces at the top and bottom of the warning sign. Tie the sign around the tree.

4. Take a nice photo or selfie with the sign on your tree. 

5. Share your photo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp using the hashtag #StopFakeRenewables and tag EU leaders @vonderleyen and @TimmermansEU

Feel free to add hashtags of your own creation and tag the energy minister in your country who also has a big say in stopping this madness.

6. Please take the sign back home after you have taken a photo.

It’s important you take the sign home. Recycle it or stick it in your window.

Delivering the petition signatures in Brussels

June 15th, 2021

Today, June 15th, the petition to demand forest biomass be removed from the EU Renewable Energy Directive, is being delivered in Brussels to EU Vice President Frans Timmermans through his chief of cabinet, Diederik Samson. The petition is supported by 126 NGOs and has been signed by 219,759 people, an incredible show of support for forest protection over the use of forests for fuel. We’re keeping the petition open, so you can still sign if you haven’t yet… but today the policymakers hear from us directly.

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Hear the backstory of the petition, and how it’s brought people together across the EU
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Hear the voices of NGO’s from the EU with their personal messages to VP Timmermans and his Cabinet.

Bringing the biomass protest to “EU Green Week”, May 31st to June 4th

Finland Hosting a Conference Themed “#Zero Pollution” – Is the EU Trolling Us?

Finland depends on burning a lot of forest wood to meet their renewable energy goals… and they consistently block efforts to reform biomass policy at the EU.  Have EU policymakers developed a sense of irony? What’s the idea of having Finland host “Green Week” when the theme is “Zero Pollution”?

Anyone can send a tweet to tell EU policymakers, enough with the greenwashing! We want renewable energy that is actually zero pollution!

And please sign the petition endorsed by more than 120 NGOs calling on EU decision makers and Member States to stop counting burning forest wood toward renewable energy targets and redirect subsidies to energy efficiency and true low-emissions renewable energy sources.

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Bringing the biomass protest to Brussels, May 25th and 26th

Bringing the biomass protest to Brussels, May 25th and 26th

On Tuesday 25 May and Wednesday 26 May, environmental campaigners from Forest Defenders Alliance and Dutch NGO Comité Schone Lucht (Clean Air Committee) brought the biomass message to Brussels, touring the city with a giant video screen to show EU decision makers that their biomass policies are increasing logging and causing the destruction of irreplaceable forests in the EU and beyond. The group delivered letters on biomass to several permanent representatives of EU member states.

The COVID-secure street protest shone a spotlight on the inconvenient truth that an polluting imposter hides at the centre of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) – burning trees as so-called ‘zero emission’ renewable energy. Burning forest biomass is bad for climate, human health, and forest biodiversity. It undermines the EU Green Deal, the Biodiversity Strategy and Zero Pollution goals. Far from being climate friendly, burning forest biomass undermines our ability to reduce emissions. Why do Brussels policymakers support burning forests for fuel, when this is making climate change worse?

Delivering letters on the problems with forest biomass to the permanent representatives of EU member states: click here to see letter delivered to French government

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