Poland’s new Minister of Climate and Environment announced a 6-month moratorium on all logging activity in key forested areas, including the Carpathian Woodlands. The ban includes 10 areas of forest throughout Poland deemed to be of high ecological value, including biologically diverse old-growth forests and important natural areas located near urban centers.

The incoming Minister Paulina Hennig-Kloska made good, at least in part, on a campaign promise to protect 20% of forests in Poland. The areas named thus far encompass about 1.5% of Poland’s state-managed woodlands. An announcement from the new Minister noted “We have decided to stop logging in the most valuable forest areas. It’s time to get saws out of the Polish forests.” Minister Hennig-Kloska further vowed to develop a systemic solution to permanently protect these and other areas.

The announcement is a huge win for activists in Poland who have been calling for less logging in sensitive areas to help protect the climate and habitat. Activists have also been urging that Poland reduce its reliance on forest products for bioenergy purposes, just one of the many threats to the forests. In December more than 100 groups signed a letter to the new Minister urging the protection of these areas.

Original text of the agreements (in Polish) on the web pages of the main parties of the ruling coalition:
– Civic Platform (EPP)
– Poland 2050 (Renew)
– New Left (S&D)

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For more information please visit:
Prawconia.org (Polish language)

Poland Initiates 6 month Logging Ban in High-Value Forests
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