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Why are we burning forests for fuel? Burning wood emits more CO2 per unit energy than burning fossil fuels. More than 60% of the EU’s “renewable energy” already comes from burning trees and other biomass. Logging and burning forest wood is emitting hundreds of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year and destroying ecosystems – all in the name of mitigating climate change. This must end!

Renewable energy in the EU through time. “Solid biofuels” and “wood” are sub-categories of “all bioenergy.” Data from Eurostat.

But even as EU policymakers consider reforming its biomass policy to better protect forests, biomass industry lobbyists are trying to gut those reforms.  Some argue we can replace Russian fossil fuel imports by burning more wood. 

But replacing just 10% of Russian fossil fuel imported into the EU would require 60% more wood-burning.

More logging for fuel will damage Europe’s forests beyond repair, and make it impossible for the EU to meet its climate goals.

EU citizens are already paying €17 billion per year in renewable energy subsidies in bioenergy subsidies — funding that should be used to support truly zero-pollution energy.

Sign the petition to tell policymakers now, before they finalize the biomass rules: The EU must protect forests, not burn them for energy.

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The EU must protect forests, not burn them for energy.

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