The Forest Defenders Alliance started as a transatlantic initiative to bring together NGOs fighting to expose the “climate fraud” of logging and burning forest wood for renewable energy. But just as the climate and biodiversity crises are interconnected, work on forests and renewable energy is likewise intertwined with many other policies, regulations, and pieces of legislation. It turns out that NGO’s all over the EU, and even the world, want a “forest-first” climate policy that prioritises natural forest protection and restoration. The Forest Defenders Alliance seeks to amplify their voices on critical issues of EU policy.

Activists on a logging truck

The Campaign for Europe’s Forests

This is a crucial time for EU policymaking on forests and climate, an opportunity to reverse forest degradation and declines in biodiversity.  Learn what’s at stake.

Forest Defender Principles

Principles for a forest policy in the EU that reverses collapsing biodiversity, restores ecosystems, and ensures forests can help mitigate climate change.

Biomass Petition

Burning wood for energy increases GHG emissions and degrades forests. Sign the petition calling on the EU to stop treating burning wood as renewable energy.

Michelle and huge tree in PacBio cutblock


Organizations work to protect forests for nature, people, and climate all over the world.  Find Forest Defender NGOs near you and learn how you can support them.