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EU forests are in trouble, increasingly exploited for fibre and fuel. We’re losing nature.
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The EU imports wood from global forests to burn in power plants. Sign the petition for reform.
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Policymakers are proposing new forest and climate policies, but will they be protective?
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NGOs are standing up for EU reforms that put nature and climate first.
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See the science on why saving forests helps the climate.
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See photos of how the biomass industry is damaging forests and communities.
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The climate and biodiversity crises are intertwined. Protecting and restoring forests is key to addressing both.

But EU climate and forest policies have a fatal flaw. Instead of actively protecting forests, EU policies encourage more logging, including for biomass fuel that is burned in power plants and counted as “zero carbon” renewable energy. In reality, burning wood emits more carbon pollution than burning coal, and re-growing trees to offset these emissions takes decades to centuries – time we do not have in the race to combat climate change.

Activists on a logging truck

The Campaign for Europe’s Forests. This is a crucial time for EU policymaking on forests and climate, an opportunity to reverse forest degradation and declines in biodiversity.  Learn what’s at stake.

The Forest Defenders Alliance is an initiative to amplify the voices of NGOs in Europe and in countries with forests that are threatened by EU policies.

We need to end the EU’s dependence on burning forest wood for renewable energy, which is bad for climate, bad for human health and bad for biodiversity.

The NGO photo library documents forest destruction and air pollution driven by the biomass industry. All images available for download.

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The wood pellet industry claims they only use mill and forestry residues for wood pellets. Here’s the film they don’t want you to see.

Sign the petition that’s been endorsed by more than 120 NGOs, telling EU policymakers to stop counting burning forest wood as “renewable .”

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Learn about the harm of burning forests for energy, then join the movement by signing the biomass petition here

Beyond ending burning forests for fuel, the EU needs a new vision for forests that protects remnant old-growth and restores more forests to their natural potential.

We’re advancing new forest defender principles we believe should guide EU policy.

mossy forest old growth

Forest Defender Principles: for a forest policy in the EU that reverses collapsing biodiversity, restores ecosystems, and ensures that forests help mitigate climate change.

Current consultations: Your voice is important. EU policymakers say they want to preserve nature and mitigate climate change. Help ensure they follow through by weighing in. 

Love forests and want to get more involved? Find out how to weigh in on EU policy on our current consultations page.

News and observations from NGO allies

Resources for research and advocacy

people looking over clear cut with logs in background

Resources on biomass

How does bioenergy threaten forests and the climate? Why is “sustainable” forestry a false proxy for carbon neutrality? See the references here.

Old growth forest with rich diversity

Resources on forests and biodiversity

Why are forests important for mitigating climate change? How are climate mitigation and biodiversity linked? Get the answers here.

Michelle and huge tree in PacBio cutblock


Organizations work to protect forests all over the world. Find forest defenders in your country and learn how you can support them.

Forest defenders at work